This series of stones with cone-shaped voids addresses the beautiful and essential forms inherent in the natural phenomenon of geological erosion. River rocks are formed by the random forces of water and abrasion. There is a timeless quality to the millions of unique forms that we find in river beds throughout the world. And every riverbed reflects the materials that form the mountains above--and the earth below. A funnel, a passage, from a mountain to a grain of sand…

The funnel shape developed from the hourglass shape of the body of work called “Time.” River rocks "travel" down the stream bed...the river is the narrow funnel from the mountains to the sea. Every insignificant stone has its shape/story.

While searching for the perfect rocks near my home in northern California, I came across large stones with mortars made by Native Americans. I realized that I was making mortars with the same raw materials that had been used for centuries.

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